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  • Advanced TMS Therapy in Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo CA

    Advanced TMS Center’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care to patients ages 15 and over, as well as families. We have created a practice that we believe in and would choose for our own family members. We are a full-service psychiatry practice of dedicated, experienced practitioners who believe in working as partners with our …

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  • Procedure For Treating ADD/ADHD | Ladera Ranch CA

    At our practice, we offer medications and therapy to treat ADHD. To choose the best option, our specialist will work with the child’s parents to decide whether medication is a good choice. If so, our specialist proceeds to ask whether your child requires medication during school hours only or on weekends and evenings as well. …

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  • What is Depression? Ladera Ranch CA

    Depression is a mood disorder that entails a loss of interest and a persistent feeling of sadness. Note that this is different from the regular mood fluctuations associated with someone’s lifestyle. Depression symptoms usually last for at least two weeks. Signs and Symptoms If you notice any of these symptoms, ensure that you get across …

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  • TMS Therapy for Depression Near Me, Ladera Ranch CA

    When it comes to treating depression, TMS is one of the best options. With traditional medications, success rates are fairly low, especially if the initial one or two don’t offer adequate relief. Thousands of studies have demonstrated that TMS has a success rate of at least 68%, compared to just 37.5% for medication. TMS also …

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  • TMS Therapy In My Area, Ladera Ranch CA

    TMS elicits magnetic energy, which turns into electrical current underneath the patient’s skull, to help regulate the patient’s emotions. TMS is an adjunct treatment that works along with medication and is non-invasive (does not require surgery). TMS is an extremely effective type of therapy The greatest benefit of TMS is that it is a procedure …

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