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Top Rated Kids Psychotherapist in Dana Point

Top Rated Kids Psychotherapist in Dana Point

A lot of kids have issues that affect how they act, learn, or feel. Psychotherapy is a type of treatment for these issues. At our practice, we help your kid by teaching them how to work out their issues, which helps them cope better.

Who Are Kids Psychotherapist

Kids psychotherapists are trained to help kids discern feelings that are difficult for them to speak out loud. They do this through drawing, playing, and talking about experiences and events. Here are some benefits of kids psychotherapist:

  • They help build healthy thinking patterns 
  • They help kids believe in themselves
  • They give support and praise as kids learn

Procedure For Kids Psychotherapy 

Our psychotherapy session with a kid usually lasts for 1 hour. Kids are seen on their own in sessions. Older kids are usually able to express themselves, while younger kids can draw or play in sessions. In some cases, kids find it challenging to communicate through play or words. Our kid psychotherapist takes time to observe how they react to the session and how the kid relates to them to find out what their behavior means. 

What’s more, our kid psychotherapist tries to put kids in the same room every week because a predictable routine supports the treatment. In our practice, the treatment is not just about eliminating troubling symptoms. It focuses on helping the kid make better use of future relationships and opportunities. 

In every kid, we aim to help put them on a healthy developmental path. Our kid’s psychotherapy treatment is particularly efficient in treating anxiety, depression, and developmental disorders. Our sessions have yielded good outcomes for a sexually abused girl child and kids who have been victims of neglect and deprivation. However, improvements in the mental health of kids have increased in the long term.

Contact Us Today

If you feel your kid needs a psychotherapist, then you should please fix an appointment with us at our practice. Our dedicated experts will be happy to discuss all of your concerns and recommend the right treatment.

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