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TMS Therapy for Smoking in Ladera Ranch CA

TMS Therapy for Smoking in Ladera Ranch CA

In recent times, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy has helped treat symptoms of smoking addiction. At our practice, we offer the most effective TMS treatment for smoking. Our experienced team can offer a personalized procedure to help you overcome your smoking addiction issues.

How Does TMS Therapy Treat Smoking?

TMS involves using non-invasive magnetic pulses to regulate the parts of the brain afflicted by addiction, helping you to live a better life. Here are the benefits of treating smoking with TMS Therapy:

  • TMS treatments can help cure the craving for smoking. 
  • The procedure can drastically decrease the risk of relapse
  • It can improve the abstinence rate of smoking.

Procedure for Treating Smoking Addiction with TMS Therapy

Our team of experts start by carrying out an initial assessment where we will complete multiple tests and studies. Our specialist performs an electroencephalogram (EEG) and brain mapping. The EEG is a brain scan that shows our trusted team’s electrical activity. 

Next, we will convert the scan into the brain map and use it for diagnostics; this allows our specialists to deduce the right TMS prescription. You get to put on a fun nylon cap during your brain scan! This cap will later be imprinted with the areas of your brain that will receive therapy, and you must wear the cap during each session. 

From there, a unique prescription is created. The prescription helps us pick the type of amplitude, power, and frequency to set the TMS equipment. Everyone’s TMS procedure is different. Each session might last between 7 and 21 minutes, depending on your overall health. 

It’s common for most people to go through 25-30 TMS sessions, and some patients, based on their needs, might get multiple treatments in a day. You will feel a slight tapping on the head, and some patients find it calming. All patients are awake during the TMS therapy.

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