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Therapy for Severe Depression in Ladera Ranch Mission Viejo CA

Therapy for Severe Depression in Ladera Ranch Mission Viejo CA

If you are experiencing severe depression issues, The doctors of Advanced TMS Center are always available to help you get through. At our practice, we provide excellent and compassionate treatment procedures and therapy for depression and severe depression issues. Our experienced team will recommend a personalized TMS therapy for you that will help you overcome your depression issues.

What is Severe Depression?

Depression is a mental health or mood disorder that results in persistent sadness and unwillingness to carry out activities. Depression is treatable but when it gets to a point where common treatment fails to yield results, it is said to be severe depression.

Severe depression may be a result of a long-term effect or a traumatic or stressful event. Though common treatments will not be able to completely treat severe depression, Advanced TMS center offers TMS therapy that can cure any level of depression.

What is TMS Therapy?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy is a non-invasive method of brain stimulation in which an electromagnetic coil is used to create a magnetic field which in turn causes electric current at a specific area of the brain. It is a simple FDA-approved procedure that does not require you to be given anesthesia or be hospitalized.

TMS Therapy to Cure Severe Depression in Advanced TMS Center

For depression to be severe, it means a part of the brain responsible for mood and emotions has been greatly affected and the cell responsible for it may be sleeping. And TMS therapy is used to wake the inactive cells. This is done by placing a helmet over the head of the patient, this helmet has an electromagnetic coil that induces a magnetic field to stimulate the nerve cells in the body. 

All these don’t require hospitalization, a patient can drive in, sit in a chair, and get the TMS therapy easily with full supervision from a therapist. And the good thing about treating severe depression with TMS therapy is that it works even after a long period. 

Other Treatments for Severe Depression

Though TMS therapy is non-electroconvulsive, electroconvulsive and Vagus nerve Stimulation are other ways to cure severe depression. Electroconvulsive requires anesthesia and requires one to go to sleep, it is not like TMS therapy. It is an electric shock given to the patient that causes seizures but works. Unlike TMS therapy and the electroconvulsive method, vagus brain stimulation requires surgery, and this is done by implanting a pacemaker-like device on the body of the patient.

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No matter how severe depression can be, it can be treated using the right therapy. Contact us today to book an appointment with the doctors of Advanced TMS Center. Our experienced team will recommend the right therapy to help treat the underlying symptoms of your depression issues.

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