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The Benefits of Using TMS Therapy in Ladera Ranch CA

The Benefits of Using TMS Therapy in Ladera Ranch CA

TMS employs an alternating current that is passed through a metal coil placed on the scalp to generate quickly alternating magnetic fields. These fields pass through the skull nearly unimpeded and cause electric currents that depolarize neurons in a specific region of the surface cerebral cortex. The technique was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2008. 


TMS for PTSD has become a popular protocol since it has excellent effectiveness at reducing PTSD symptoms, such as hypervigilance, flashbacks, and general anxiety associated with trauma.  

TMS for Depression Treatment

The greatest benefit of TMS is that it really works. Since depression medicines typically have fairly low success rates, particularly if the first two or three don’t alleviate the condition adequately, TMS is a terrific alternative. Thousands of studies have indicated that TMS has a success rate of at least 68%, compared to just 37.5% for medication. 

Long Last Effects of TMS Therapy

Unlike other medication-based treatments, TMS provides long-term results. Discontinuation syndrome and relapse are two potential risks one takes when stopping medication. In contrast, 90% of people maintain the benefits of TMS for at least one year after completion. 

TMS Therapy Near Me 

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