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Depression Treatment Without Medication in Ladera Ranch CA

Depression Treatment Without Medication in Ladera Ranch CA

TMS Therapy is a simple FDA-approved procedure that has proved to be effective. 

TMS is a non-invasive, targeted treatment that is statistically safer than any antidepressant medication. Medications are ingested, and therefore have diffuse and systemic reactions through the entire body, which leads to a wide range of side-effects like weight gain, fatigue and drowsiness, nausea, sexual dysfunction, memory loss, insomnia, and apathy. 

Although TMS isn’t necessarily “side effect free,” its noninvasive approach makes TMS safe with minimal side effects that at times include minor headache, lightheadedness, and scalp discomfort during stimulation. These effects are short-lived and last only a few minutes after the session has concluded. Unlike other treatments, there have been no long-term side effects reported after having done TMS.

TMS Therapy for Depression 

Up to one-third of individuals with depression do not get adequate help from antidepressants. TMS therapy is a non-pharmacological, FDA-approved treatment for depression. 

Depression Treatment without Medication Near Me 

Are you interested in Depression Treatment without Medication? If so, you might want to consider TMS Therapy for your depression treatment. Contact our office today to make your appointment, and discuss your treatment options

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