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Children’s Depression Psychiatrist in Ladera Ranch CA

Children’s Depression Psychiatrist in Ladera Ranch CA

At the Advanced TMS Center, we are dedicated to helping kids overcome their depression issues. Our experienced team of children’s depression psychiatrists will make your child feel as comfortable as possible and assist them on their journey towards recovery. We will recommend the ideal treatment procedure that will help your child find happiness once again. We are proud to serve patients across Ladera Ranch, CA, and surrounding areas. 

What is Depression in Kids?

Depression in kids is a mental health issue that affects children’s behavior, mood, and thinking. Children undergoing this issue often have a negative outlook on life. Note that if your kid is encountering depression, it can be hard for them to make friends, learn, and execute their daily tasks. Also, if this situation goes for an extended period without treatment, kids can lose confidence, fall behind in school and become more withdrawn.

Signs and Symptoms

If you notice that these signs last longer than two weeks, your kid might have depression.

  • Seems unhappy most of the time
  • Your kid is aggressive and won’t perform the task you ask most of the time
  • Your kid says negative things about themselves
  • They feel guilty
  • Your kid is worried or afraid a lot
  • Doesn’t have much energy as applicable before now
  • Doesn’t want to spend time with their friends and family
  • Isn’t interested in doing things they love
  • Has problems sleeping
  • Your kid isn’t doing so well academically
  • Your kid isn’t partaking in school activities
  • Your kid has problems getting along with other children and can’t fit appropriately in school

Managing Depression in kids 

At Advanced TMS Center, your kid’s psychiatrist might apply cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to assist your kid in changing unhealthy or unhelpful behavior and thinking habits. Depending on the circumstances, our specialist might use other strategies like play therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, family therapy, or parent therapy to help your kid learn to deal with challenges and think more positively. These strategies will enable your kid to have a positive outlook on life and eliminate the symptoms associated with depression.

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Contact us today at the Advanced TMS Center to schedule a consultation. We have professional psychiatrists that can help provide a comprehensive treatment procedure and follow-up for your child’s depression issues.

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