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Best Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Near Me, Ladera Ranch CA

Best Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Near Me, Ladera Ranch CA

A lot of psychiatric issues have their beginnings early in life. Diagnosing and treating ill children and adolescents is crucial for the quality of the lives ahead of them. At our practice, we are committed to offering excellent, personalized, and compassionate services. Our child psychiatrists create a positive space for your kid and offer the best treatment possible.

Who is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist?

A child and adolescent psychiatrist is a talk therapist who focuses on treating and diagnosing behavioral, emotional, developmental, and mental health disorders in teens and young children. Here are some signs that your child needs a Psychiatrist

  • Regular temper tantrums.
  • Clinginess and separation anxiety
  • Extreme anxiety and fearfulness
  • Frequently Talking About Death
  • Social Isolation

Procedure for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

During your first appointment, also referred to as a consultation, your session will take about an hour. Our child psychiatrist will ask you and your child several personal questions to obtain the necessary information. Our specialist will check vitals like weight and blood pressure to prescribe essential medication appropriately. 

What’s more, our team of experts will discuss your family background to understand your family structure better. We might also ask about your relatives, as well as psychiatric or medical histories. If you have documents to share with our specialist about specific conditions, this is the right time to share them.

In some situations, our child psychiatrist will ask your child to sketch a picture of his family to help more evaluate skills, regardless of your child’s ability to communicate orally. Our trusted team will also ask your child basic questions about his family. 

In developing a treatment plan, your child might be advised to see other doctors for more evaluation. Our team of expert doctors will fix appointments and prescribe any essential medication to control abnormal behaviors that might be present in your child. After your child’s session, we give you a detailed report of the session along with diagnoses and a treatment plan.

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Contact us today at our practice to schedule an appointment. Our child and adolescent psychiatrists will be happy to meet with you and discuss your treatment options.

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