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Adolescent Psychiatrist in Laguna Hills

Adolescent Psychiatrist in Laguna Hills

Child and adolescent psychiatry is an aspect of psychiatry that concentrates on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders in children and adolescents. The doctors of Advanced TMS Center specialize in providing adolescent psychiatry services. Our specialists are highly experienced in treating the underlying symptoms of mental disorder in an adolescent. We serve patients throughout Laguna Hills, California, and nearby areas. 

Causes of Mental Disorder in Adolescents

One of the major causes of mental disorder in adolescents is the biological factor. This involves anything physical that can cause an adverse effect or harm on a child’s mental health. Besides, mental illness has a long history of biologically based evidence.

Other causes of mental disorders include genetics, brain surgery, infection or diseases, prenatal damage, substance abuse, and environmental factors. Regardless of the cause of a disorder in children, it can be managed and treated by an adolescent psychiatrist. 

What Does an Adolescent Psychiatrist Treat?

Disorder in adolescents is numerous and requires treatment before it gets worse. The doctors of Advanced TMS Center comprise some of the best psychiatrists for adolescents. Our qualified adolescent psychiatrists specializes in the treatment of the mental disorder in both children and adolescents. 

Furthermore, the doctors of Advanced TMS Center can help treat a wide selection of disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), behavioral and oppositional problems, anxiety, phobias, avoidance, social problems, anger and emotional dysregulation.

Also, our experienced team can help patients overcome grief, loss, trauma, bedwetting, sleep issues, worries, coping with medical illness, depression or suicidal thoughts, educational and psychological evals, mood swings, bipolar disorder, communication issues, selective mutism, obsessions, and compulsions. 

Though the most common mental disorder in children and adolescents is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is carefully treated by the doctors of Advanced TMS Center with proven results. 

Why Advanced TMS Center?

At Advanced TMS Center, we offer child behavioral counseling and therapy in addition to the numerous adolescent disorders that we treat. Our specialists understand that each person’s health is impacted by their environment, biology, and interpersonal relationships.

Hence, we know how to handle every individual uniquely by recommending a personalized treatment procedure. Our policy has insurance coverage. Also, we are easily accessible with friendly and helpful staff. We offer 24-hour services, and telehealth video service is also available.

Contact us Today!

At the Advanced TMS Center, we offer quality and compassionate treatment to children and adolescents with mental and behavioral disorders. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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