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  • Depression Treatment Near Me, Ladera Ranch CA

    Understanding TMS Therapy With TMS therapy, the brain’s emotional centers are stimulated. While ECT does not cause memory loss or other harmful side effects, TMS therapy for depression does. This therapy does not cause memory loss or other harmful side effects. TMS Therapy for Depression is Available Patients with depression receive TMS therapy while sitting …

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  • Common Questions About TMS Therapy in Ladera Ranch CA

    The TMS Therapy system uses magnetic pulses to generate intense, fast fields comparable to those generated by MRI machines. The treatment coil is positioned on the head over the left prefrontal cortex, which regulates mood and therefore is the location where these fields are concentrated. The treatment coil only reaches 2-3cm into your brain; the …

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  • Non-Drug Depression Treatment in Ladera Ranch CA

    Depression is common in our world, and it can be treated with medication. There are many different types of antidepressants out there for you to choose from, including SSRIs and older drug classes like tricyclic antidepressants. These medications have been proven to work for the treatment of depression. But maybe you’ve tried antidepressant drugs before …

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  • How Does TMS Therapy Work? Ladera Ranch CA

    The TMS Therapy system uses magnetic pulses to create fast, highly concentrated fields that are the same as those produced by MRI machines. The treatment coil is applied to the head above left prefrontal cortex – which is involved with mood regulation and so it’s the place where these fields will be focused. These magnetic …

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  • Depression Therapy with TMS in Ladera Ranch CA

    TMS Therapy has proven to be safe and effective in treating patients who were suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. This therapy was studied in adult patients, all of whom had not been receiving satisfactory improvement with previous treatments. Depression Treatment with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is easy: Therapy sessions are conducted in your doctor’s office You …

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